CleanNA and DNA RNA analysis CleanNA and DNA RNA analysis

CleanNA has a great many of tools and reagents to offer that can be used in DNA/RNA analysis. The best mixes can be found at CleanNA’s web store. In there one can find many different kind of methods to improve the analysis of DNA and RNA samples. There are kits that can be used to experiment with human tissue for medicine. There are plant based nucleic acid kits for extracting genomic material. This works rapidly and is very reliable which is something a scientist really needs.

CleanNA has more in store for researcher that want to bring their study to a next level. One can do PCR processes fast with the right liquids and prepared mixes. One can also make a NGS library. By using massive parallel sequencing techniques it’s possible for a researcher to get an overview of millions to billions of short read DNA codes. CleanNA has also products to isolate and extract RNA.

Library preparation for research

A good way to review many samples one can use CleanNA’s NGS library preparation. This is useful for scientists who work in the field of bio molecular studies. Doing research on DNA and RNA can give insight in the working of live on the microscopic level. By cloning DNA templates it becomes possible to do a lot of research in a short amount of time. CleanNA can help by providing the right kind of tools. With next generation sequencing the research on biology and biochemistry becomes much easier. Therefore, take a look at CleanNA’s shop and buy your goods online.

Purification of molecular samples

For purification of molecular samples there are many reagents available. CleanNA creates these liquids custom made for other companies. That way one can be assured that the remaining sample will be purified the way you want it without problems. Make science in the bio molecular field easier and buy the products from CleanNA to make sure purification of DNA/RNA goes smooth.

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