Tips to learn fluent Dutch Tips to learn fluent Dutch

Tips to learn fluent Dutch

When you want to learn fluent Dutch, you can follow a Dutch course in Amsterdam. But you can also learn it all by yourself. For anyone who want to learn Dutch we have some tips. It doesn’t matter if you are going to attend a Dutch course in Amsterdam or learn it by yourself, you can use these tips always. For other courses in keeping track of notes one can follow the Cursus onenote in Dutch.

Determine your goal for learning Dutch

The first you always need to ask yourself when you are going to learn a new language, like Dutch, is: why do I want to learn the language? Is it because you want to move to the country or maybe you need to go there for your work? It doesn’t matter what the reason is, but it must be a good one. Once you know the reason you want to learn the language, you need to know where you are focusing on. This can be speaking, writing, listening or maybe the grammar. If, for example, you are going for studies, the best you can focus on is listening and speaking abilities. This will help you to understand people and have a conversation with them.

Find learning sources

If you want to learn Dutch, you can follow a Dutch course, but you can also use free sources. There are a lot of websites and YouTube channels that can help you. There is also different language learning software which can help you. You can use programs on your computer or apps on your smartphone.

Find a study buddy

A fast way to learn a language is to find a study buddy who wants to learn the same language. Or you can find a native Dutch speaker who wants to learn your native language. You can practice together and teach each other the rules of grammar of the language. This can be in real life, but you can practise your writing by communicating via WhatsApp or Facebook.

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