Katakura WBLC courses and the history of The Netherlands Katakura WBLC courses and the history of The Netherlands

Katakura WBLC courses and the history of The Netherlands

The Netherlands became independent after a declaration in 1581. Since then a lot of things happened to make The Netherlands the country it is today. Many students visit the Netherlands to study or work there. It’s good to have a little knowledge about the history of the country you’re visiting so that’s why we are trying to inform you on this subject with this article. Knowledge about the Dutch language is nice too if you’re going to stay in The Netherlands. That’s why many people decide to take language courses at Katakura WBLC. You can easily find all the language courses that are available at https://katakura-wblc.nl/. The courses are easy to comprehend and can easily be used in day-to-day activities.

The golden age

The Dutch Golden age was a period in the History of The Netherlands that was spanning almost the complete 17th century. The Dutch excelled at economics, trade, art and military skills and were the most acclaimed country of the globe. The first part of the golden age is characterized by the Eighty Year war that ended in 1648. The golden age lasted in peacetime till the end of the 17th century.

The establishment of The Netherlands

In 1568 The seven provinces of the Republic of The Netherlands signed the Utrecht Union which started a rebellion against Spain. This led to the 80 year lasting war. The Spanish were having war with England forcing troops of Spain to halt their advances. The Spanish could therefore not conquer important trading cities like Antwerp, Witch was arguably the most important port in this timeframe. After the Spain succeeded to take the city of Antwerp in the Southern Netherlands, the northern and southern Netherlands decided to join forces. The end of the wart resulted in the Dutch brought the Dutch Republic recognition and independence from Spain.

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