Which Fluorometer? Which Fluorometer?

Which Fluorometer?

A device that measures the parameters of fluorescence, that is the shortest description of a fluorometer. So, it makes an analysis of the emission of light by a specific substance that has taken in a certain electromagnetic radiation to determine the emission of light. There are several applications that influence a sample. The product that does this best is the fluorometer became Life Science Product of the Year.

What does a fluorometer do?

Fluorescence means that an object that is irradiated, gives off light of another object which can all be made visible by a fluorometer. That is quite the same as a spectrometer, only it is designed so that it is capable of measuring this process. First, the specific object is selected (its wavelengths), after which a sample is formed. This sample is then filtered and the remaining light, except the emission wavelength, is removed. In the next step, the fluorometer measures this light with a detector and shows a basic plan with molecules that can be found within.


The behaviour of the fluorescence can differentiate due to certain application of a sample.

  • Ligand binding and conformational changes are one of the main causes of behavioural change of fluorescence.
  • Calcium also has an impact that causes an increase in fluorescence, but only with chelating dyes.
  • FRET is an application that stands for Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer and entails that two fluorophores are near each other influence each other. One of the two (donor) emits (donates) light to the other (acceptor) that then then starts to get excited. It shows its excitation light (it has accepted it).

The application has thus a huge impact on how a sample turns out, which shows that using a fluorometer in the proper way is very difficult.

Life Science Product of the Year

The Life Science Product of the Year was determined to be a fluorometer this year. It was looked at by acknowledged professionals with experience with several spectrophotometers and fluorometers. They were convinced that the DeNovix DS-11 FX+ spectrophotometer fluorometer was the best product thanks to its simplifying methods of really advanced technologies.

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