Learn and improve your Dutch at Katakura WBLC Learn and improve your Dutch at Katakura WBLC

Learn and improve your Dutch at Katakura WBLC

Learn and improve your Dutch with a course at Katakura WBLC. We will help you improve and speak our language at a different level. Are you ready to start speaking Dutch? It takes an effort but the advantages are huge! You are probably aware of that. Katakura WBLC is there for anyone who is looking for support in learning the Dutch language, to find work, own strength and self and strengthening social cohesion in neighbourhoods and districts. With our positive human approach, energetic approach and powerful solutions in coaching, training, employment and education, we work every day to strengthen the power, the talent and the future of people. Lots of students each year sign up to one of our courses. Are you the next in line to improve your Dutch? Sign up quickly for Katakura WBLC.

Take your Dutch to the next level with Katakura WBLC

Learning Dutch is fun along with the teachers and students at Katakura WBLC. Learning a language is a unique process, the nature of which is different for everybody. For that reason, we have developed programmes in which your personal goals and learning style are central. Everyone can learn a language, how badly to you want it? We can’t wait to help you and let you speak our beautiful language. Would you like to learn to speak, write and read Dutch better? Do you want to actively participate in society or are you required to take a civic integration course? Different courses and programmes are available at our venues, in the heart of Amsterdam. Improve your language with the specialist at Katakura WBLC, we can’t wait to help you improve your Dutch.

Learn Dutch with Katakura WBLC

Learn Dutch and talk to the Duchies thanks to Katakura WBLC.

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