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GC Biotech distributes products that are necessary for life science research in the field of genomics. These products are aimed at enhancing and simplifying research. Besides offering high quality products, GC Biotech also offers advice to scientists. The team is very skilled at science research in the field of genomics and is always happy to assist other people with their research. GC Biotech also has several projects of their own.

Science project of the blood bank

One of the projects is about DNA extraction, Normalization and PCR setup. This project was started after a large blood bank in the Netherlands approached GC Biotech to play a role in the automation of their DNA extraction, normalization and PCR setup. The goal of the project was to form a centralized platform within the organization, focused on molecular science. Since a lot of different people have to use the platform, the platform needed to be easy to use and still have a high quality.

Simplifying automated processes

Another science project is about AppWizz custom software. A lot of scientists have automated solutions, but do not use them. They are not used, because the products are very complex to use. The automated solutions have software and hardware that are hard to use and takes a long time to get used to. Once you are accustomed to the automated solution, they will spare you a lot of time and effort however. Thus it is still a good idea to purchase them. AppWizz helps with the operation of automated products and makes them easier to use.

Up to date with all science trends

The projects of GB Biotech are always in cooperation with other companies and people of different professions. This has the effect that the experts of GC Biotech are always up to date with all life science trends.

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