Cruiseship Aurora river cruise Cruiseship Aurora river cruise

Cruiseship Aurora river cruise

Fancy going on a spectacular river cruise throughout the Netherlands? Cruiseship Aurora is the place to be. We provide our guests with an amazing cruise which you will remember forever. Welcome aboard on our beautiful ship, Cruiseship Aurora. During this Dutch river cruise you will be exploring several beautiful landscapes our country has to offer. A trip through history like you have never experienced before. During this week you will receive the best services available throughout the cruise on board of the Cruiseship Aurora. You will enjoy an unforgettable journey through The Netherlands where you will visit our famous landmarks, get to know our culture, taste typical Dutch treats and learn a lot of things you need to know about the famous history of our small country. What would a successful trip if you would not visit the famous cities like Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Delft and Gouda? Experience these well know places throughout the world, we will stop everywhere so you have enough chances to explore them. The Cruiseship Aurora can’t wait to attend you.


Cruising on Cruiseship Aurora

Get on board with Cruiseship Aurora, along with the captain! He and the other staff will provide you with everything you need along the way. Delicious food, drinks and a great view every part of the way. A special cruise through Holland is as beautiful as it gets. Get to know The Netherlands like you never have before.  The open mindset of the locals and the lovely relaxing atmosphere makes it very easy to enjoy your time here. And remember, you will never have to worry about the language that is spoken. The Dutch people have no trouble speaking and understanding English. Book your place at Cruiseship Aurora.


Get on board with Cruiseship Aurora

We want you on our ship! Cruiseship Aurora can’t wait to welcome you on board.

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